Monday, 26 August 2013

Antarctic Oceans Alliance

Antarctic Oceans Alliance

Russia blocks ocean sanctuaries around Antarctica

Russia blocked efforts to create of the world’s largest ocean sanctuaries around Antarctica. Everyone, including the penguins, are devastated.
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Ocean Elders call on Putin to protect Antarctica’s ocean

Today Ocean Elders, including Sir Richard Branson, Dr. Sylvia Earle, James Cameron, Jean-Michel Cousteau and Capt. Don Walsh, wrote a letter to Russian president Vladimir Putin calling for the protection of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean at CCAMLR’s meeting in Germany 2013. Below is a copy of the letter:
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How is Percy feeling about CCAMLR’s meeting?

Over the next week Percy the penguin will be in Germany where the fate his home in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean is decided. The 25 countries that make up CCAMLR are meet behind closed doors. Percy the penguin is going to open those doors just a little. He’s going to post a daily picture on his tumblr sharing with us how he is feeling based on what is happening inside the CCAMLR meeting.…
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Leonardo DiCaprio calls on Putin to protect Antarctica’s ocean

Antarctica's Great Southern Ocean
Actor and AOA Ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio together with AOA Russian campaigner Grigory Tsidulko have an oped in Russian paper, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, calling on Putin to protect Antarctica’s ocean. Here is the English version:
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Why Protect Antarctica’s Ocean?

Antarctica’s ocean is home to thousands of species, many of these species can be found nowhere else in the world. Click through to check out this fun infographic introducing some of these wonderful creatures.
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200,000 Join The Watch to protect Antarctica’s ocean

With less than 65 days until the fate of Antarctica’s ocean is decided, 200,000 people have Joined The Watch to call for the protection of Antarctica’s ocean. This number demonstrates significant international support for marine reserves in Antarctica’s Southern Ocean. Click through to see the full image from above and share the picture with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or shout it from the rooftops.
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